EPX was initiated with high skilled team members with high level of skills and experience in cross border selling, logistics, e-commerce, warehousing, air freight and express shipping.

Our Vision

To be a leading competitive shipping & logistics company, Setting a high level of standards in the industry.

We facilitate door-to-door shipping & logistics services across the world.


Providing a high level of services to our customers across the 6 continents.

EPX helps business owners to achieve their goals easily & contribute to making our world connected.

We get our customers more connected to their shipments and their customers as well.

We Facilitate the cash flow simply and fast.

Why EPX?

EPX was founded in Egypt by its partners who gained more than 10 years of experience in Logistics & Customs Clearance.

EPX had business partnerships with the biggest airlines, payment gateways, warehouses across the world.